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Frank is a PT who isn’t after the boot camp fast buck, nor does he promise you unrealistic results. I train with Frank because he is a professional sponsored athlete, who is passionate and knowledgeable about fitness.  Frank encourages you to push yourself, without breaking you so you can’t come back tomorrow. Franks own personal goals and ambition are admirable and his work ethic unsurpassed.  Get to know Frank and he becomes a bit than more that just your PT,  he is a great guy and we have a lot of laughs while training and outside of the gym. I couldn’t recommend Frank highly enough to anyone at any stage of their fitness journey.


I have tried many different training styles and programs and have been left wanting. In steps Franks training program and I was crawling out of the gym, my body didn’t realise how much more it could be pushed until I tried Franks training program, now nothing compares. He has taught me to not rely on numbers and reps but to push my body to its limit and then bang out another 10. I have no need to find another trainer because Frank provides me with everything from meal plan to training program, with an added bonus of friendly advice if I am unsure of how a certain movement is conducted. Frank took me from being a semi solid 130kg man, to a solid and fully mobile 110kg weapon. I am yet to meet another trainer who I would recommend more highly then Frank. If getting results is what you want minus all the bs then Frank is your man. 

Ryan Ladbrook

Like any investment you want a return. Going to the gym and seeing a personal trainer is no different. I’ve been going to gyms and seen PT’s for over ten years with varied results. A lot of the time I’ve yo-yoed in weight and when I have achieved weight loss I’ve only become a smaller shape of what I was. Then I met Frank, a true professional in many ways. The depth of knowledge he has in transforming shape, strength and technique can only come from someone who has his level of passion for helping people achieve there goals. You only need to take one look at Frank to see he walks the talk and is always looking for new ways to enhance results. In the year I’ve worked with Frank I’ve had a massive change in body composition and strength. I’ve recommended him to friends and would advise anyone to see him as time is valuable and if your going to see a PT it may as well be the best.


Being in my forty’s I found trainings very difficult, but Frank has been impeccable with our sessions, his knowledge, professionalism and patience has kept me focused. His caring and encouraging belief in me has seen me achieve some amazing results and confidence that this journey was possible.

I feel honoured that I found a trainer with all these attributes and totally wouldn’t want to be working with anyone else.

Frank you are truly amazing.


With an extensive knowledge and passion for what he does, engaging with Frank has brought about a world of change. From an easy initial consultation, he’s used his skills and expertise to work through some niggling issues and even resolve long-standing injuries I thought would never go away.

After smashing my early goals in record time, Frank and I have worked closely on building long term, sustainable habits that are showing results in overall health and wellbeing.  Working with Frank is engaging and fulfilling, as he works tirelessly to bring out the best, both in his clients and in himself.
I have no hesitation in recommending Franks’ services.


First off, Frank was super accomodating with working with me to find a day and time that worked to meet with him. After an insightful consultation, we went through a few physical examples of things that I said I wanted to learn, expressing difficulty with a particular area due to a past injury.

Prior to today, I have literally avoided anything to do with ‘load bearing’ bends in my knees due to extreme discomfort – Frank took this on board and after a few tweaks on position and technique that I had never previously been shown, like actual magic I went from a painful lift to a 100% painfree movement.
Frank really does have an extra edge and I am genuinely excited for our future sessions!


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